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March 14, 2013
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The Sword Art Online Utilities Project (SAO Utils) by GPBeta The Sword Art Online Utilities Project (SAO Utils) by GPBeta
*The SAO Utils Project is NOT a RM project.
SAO Utils is free, clean, and no ADs ...forever!

Link1: ξ(✿ ❛‿❛)ξ▄︻┻┳═一 DEMO Video
Link2: ξ(✿ ❛‿❛)ξ▄︻┻┳═一 Downloads

The SAO Utils is a Sword Art Online Look'n'Feel launcher application with variety of powerful utilities.
Its pluggable architecture allows you, the developer, to add any kind of plug-ins to the core program.
That's the reason why it was named as "SAO Utils"

Downloads are available on my development blog,
download links are in the bottom of my post,and also win32 & win64 versions are available.
Any advices are welcome, and you can report bugs HERE.
Your ideas could help us to make SAO Utils better XD
Have Fun!

Change Log

2014.07.09 – Alpha 2 Hotfix 3

  1. Fix crash when logging off.
  2. Fix patch package missing files.
  3. Fix Image Widget lost when re-enabling with default image. (#411)
  4. Fix widgets disappear when ‘show desktop’. (#50)
  5. Fix ImageWiget bug playing some gifs. (#399)
  6. Fix startup animation does not play fullscreen with high DPI devices. (#425)
  7. Fix Updater.exe UAC requirement.
  8. Fix a misspelling in HP-Bar. (#433)
  9. Fix ‘OK’ and ‘Cancel’ button lost in Icon Settings Panel.
  10. Fix mouse freeze causing by config twice on startup.
  11. Fix content and spelling mistakes in readme files.
  12. Remove gesture recovery pop-up message.
  13. Add Bangumi daily animation table desktop widget plugin.
  14. Add Mail Box email client plugin.
  15. Add gesture recovery notify to Cardinal System plug-in.
  16. Add “All supported files” into Image Widget’s image pickup dialog.
  17. Update German translation by Kevin Kastner.
  18. Update Russia translation by Tailss.
  19. Spanish support by Kai Hakurei and Umack Aku.
  20. Italian support by Leonardo Smedile.
  21. Translation sources update to v0.7.

2014.02.06 – Alpha2 Hotfix2

  1. Fix crash if exit more than once.
  2. Fix plug-ins drag bug in locking mode.
  3. Fix mouse hangs on startup or exit program. (#355)
  4. Fix a missing gesture recovery message translation.
  5. Fix url and command icon action dialogs are overlapped after popping up.
  6. Add warning when executing failed.
  7. Add more information to the about dialog.
  8. Add platform postfix to version information.
  9. Add “Quick Launch” plugin.
  10. Add “Cardinal System”(YUI) plugin.
  11. Add plugin details information panel.
  12. Add “Manage Plug-ins” item to plugin menu.
  13. Add gif support to Image Widget. (#215)
  14. Add Auto Hide & Refresh Interval option to HP-Bar. (#337)
  15. Make HP-Bar, Image Widget and System Monitor pluggable.
  16. Enable display mode option in performance panel.
  17. Adjust translation for all languages.
  18. Adjust startup animation and plug-ins display order.
  19. Fonts update by darkblackswords.
  20. German support by Tails32.
  21. Translation sources update to v0.6.

2013.11.09 – Alpha2 Hotfix1

  1. Fix info panel does not expand and a text display bug.(#264)
  2. Fix some bugs of launcher that main menu remains on screen after hiding launcher.(#318)
  3. Fix program crash re-ording a menu which has only one item.
  4. Fix launcher does not dispaly the main menu central in Fixed mode.(#240)
  5. Fix HP-Bar extend information display bug.(#313)
  6. Add no disturb in full screen mode option.(#321)
  7. Add charging state and transparent option to HP-Bar.(#147)
  8. Add swich option and more tool tips to user operations.
  9. Thai support by ภูมิไผท จันทรศรีวงศ.
  10. Russian support by Tailss.
  11. Translation sources update to v0.5.

2013.10.05 – Alpha2

1.Fix launcher display without covering taskbar. (#189)
2.Fix program exit if can’t load wav files.
3.Fix HP-Bar’s time delay for a few minutes on some situations. (#210)
4.Add 3D boot animation. (#041)
5.Add looping mode for main menu and list menu.
6.Add boot sound.
7.Add single key mouse gesture. (#140)
8.Add touch friendly option.
9.Add 3 SAO icons to icon folder.
10.Add JPG, BMP, ICO image format support.
11.Enable sound control in sound setting panel. (#046)
12.Adjust lv 1 HP to 250 in HP-Bar.
13.Adjust UI. (#198)
14.Translation sources update to v0.4. (#100, #173)

2013.08.25 – Alpha1 Hotfix7

1.Fix some png images can not be displayed. (#101)
2.Fix updater false reports on some networks.
3.Fix HP-Bar drawing bug if user name is too long. (#019)
4.Fix ‘Lock Lacunher’ fail after calling launcher. (#102)
5.Fix preference frame display bugs on high DPI devices. (#20)
6.Fix Image Widget moves out of screen after changing images. (#048)
7.Fix widgets’ position resets after restart on a non-primary display. (#118)
8.Add new audio platform to support multiple sound playback. (#081)
9.Add ‘Icon Shop’ icon choosing panel. (#184)
10.Add ‘Show on top’ option to HP-Bar. (#185)
11.Add multiple screen support to launcher. (#0182)
12.Translation sources update to v0.3. (#100, #173)

2013.05.02 – Alpha1 Hotfix6

1.Fix files lost not updating from previous version.
2.Fix cannot open files or save configuration after CWD changed.
3.Fix bug when “Confirm before launch” & “Keep launcher” were selected at the same time.
4.Fix scrolling bug if List Menu has too much items.
5.Fix 1 place of translation mistake for Traditional Chinese.
6.Add reordering control to List Menu.
7.Adjust menu srolling speed.

2014-02-04 Alpha2 Hotfix2 released.
2013-11-09 Alpha2 Hotfix1 released.
2013-10-05 Alpha2 released.
2013-08-25 Alpha1 Hotfix7 released.
2013-08-09 Breathing effect & control test.
2013-07-07 3D Testing.
2013-05-02 Alpha1 Hotfix6 released.
2013-04-17 Bug Tracker is online.
2013-04-13 Alpha1 Hotfix5 released.
2013-03-29 Alpha1 Hotfix4 released.
2013-03-19 Alpha1 Hotfix3 released.
2013-03-16 Upload video to Niconico.
2013-03-13 Alpha1 Hotfix2 released.
2013-03-11 Alpha1 Hotfix1 released.
2013-03-09 Alpha1 released.
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naHomie13 Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  New member
I have some questions. Can someone tell me how to connect it to my Gmail account? And what exactly will Yui do when she's available? Is there a way to make the Bangumi plug-in English?
Kentakun1 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
I cant connect my hotmail account to sao utils. Can someone help me?
LJA86 Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  New member
Hi, I've install this program earlier and I can't move the HP-Bar. Anyone know how to do?


PS: Sorry for my english but I don't speak very well (I'm french and there is no report about SAO utils in french)

Edit: Finally, I find the way to do this, you can't move the "HP-Bar" if you had chek the "Transparent" box
JerryChristia Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
Really cool program, and you've been doing a great job replying and answering people's questions.

I just installed it, and I'm having trouble connecting the inbox to my Gmail account. 
I'm able to connect to my gmail account through Thunderbird (a different client) but the same information doesn't seem to work for SAO Utils, it simply says "Cannot connect to server:"

The information is as follows:

Email Address:
POP3 Server:    Port:995    [V] SSL
SMTP Server:   Port:465    [V] SSL
Username: example    Password: mypassword

As I said, it works for Thunderbird so it should be working. Any idea what's wrong? Maybe a setting somewhere I forgot to change?
Thanks :)
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GENESISKUN Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
how to update, i've downloaded the new update [Alpha 2 Hotfix3] 
what now?
GPBeta Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
just unzip, override original files and restart SAO Utils.(don't use a full package for update, that will lose all your settings!)
GENESISKUN Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! For the comment and making this awesome program ^^
Hollow220 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
with the leveling thing my level keeps reseting on every re activation, i dont know if its intentional but is there a way to keep my "level"?
GPBeta Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
no, die if you log out XD
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